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A Simple Philosopy

I started in business as a concrete contractor in 1978 and I've lived in West Chester since 1986. Over many years I have strived to build a business which provides people such as yourself with an alternative to poor contracting practices and with at least one opportunity to do business with a contractor who acts in a way that makes sense. Like you, I am a consumer, and I sometimes wonder why contractors feel free to ignore my phone calls, miss appointments, and perform work in a less than conscientious way. There is another way.


The widely recommended guidelines for selecting a contractor have been the same for many years. Obtain a written estimate. Obtain references. Obtain proof of insurance. Our proposals include all three because we know that these are the things that you require in order to make a wise decision. But, we do more.


We promise to return your phone calls, texts, and emails promptly and to keep appointments on time. You can expect simple courtesy and consideration and that we will keep our word.


Our reputation as masonry contractors is unsurpassed. The same ethic we use in dealing with people is applied to our work and the results speak for themselves. We agonize and fuss over details that you will never see because we take pride in our day's work. You can expect us to exceed your expectations. You won't be disappointed. And you'll be genuinely surprised at just how nice a job we do.


I have found over the years that certain people just like to do business in a way that makes sense. They don't have time for less than an honest effort. If you are one of those people, we would enjoy working with you to accomplish your goals.


Christopher Crane,  Owner


PA Registration # - PA044324


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